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Affordable High-End Custom Woodwork

Custom woodwork can really make an atmosphere. Whether in your home or business, the right touch of woodwork can really bring out the character of your space. People may say “looks aren’t everything” – but when it comes to your custom woodwork, they are. Lechner Construction Services is proud to bring the most high-end woodworking skills to your residential or commercial property at the most affordable prices.

Custom Wooden Signs for Your Business

We specialize in custom wooden signs for commercial purposes. You want your business to stand out among the rest. When potential new customers are driving past, you want them to notice you. A sign is just a sign UNTIL you make it more. We will help you customize your business sign, bring extra detail, and give it that extra umph to really grab the attention of your new clientele.

You can also use a new custom wooden sign to remind your current customers WHY they choose you. When they see the detail and attention you put into the image of your business, they will know you don’t do anything “just good enough”. When they walk up to your business and thing “Wow” or walk in and see something that makes them say “Wow” … you’ve already jumpstarted your way to a positive experience sure to keep them returning.

Residential Custom Woodwork

Building a new home, or see an area in your existing home that could use a little spark? Custom Woodwork is the best way to add your own flare that you know will uphold long term. Custom woodwork never goes out of style.

No matter what room in your house you are thinking about transforming – Woodwork can only provide enhancement. The ideas of where to include custom woodwork in your home are unlimited, but here are a few options to get the ideas flowing for you:

Custom Wooden Bar for your Basement

Custom Wooden Bar Shelves

Custom Wooden Bedroom Furniture/Wardrobe Closet

Custom Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Wooden Mantle

Custom Wooden Bathroom Cabinetry

Contact Lechner Construction Services today to talk about your custom woodwork options. We will be happy to work with a design you have in mind, help you design something based on just a beginning idea, or anything in between.

Contact Lechner Construction Services for the Best Waukesha Custom Woodwork today.