New Bar Design & Planning Waukesha WI

Detailed planning and meticulous design are very important when getting ready to build or remodel your new bar or restaurant. Not only is it important for the efficiency of your project, but also to be sure you have a clear goal and finish line in place. Lechner Construction Services is here to help. We can help you design a unique space completely, or we can work with a design you already have in mind and execute the best process to completion.

We LOVE getting creative, I mean we REALLY LOVE getting creative. Check out our bar and restaurant design portfolio and see for yourself. It’s a passion of ours. The more unique and awesome we can make a space the better! We strive for better creativity each day.

General Contractors That Plan Better, Do Better Work

There is no doubt about it. A general contractor that is GREAT at their job will value detailed planning and thorough designs. We are big on our design and planning because we want to make sure not a single detail is missed. Not only that, we know that good planning minimizes the chance of common mistakes being made to make your project run behind schedule or over budget. We have access to an exceptional network of subcontractors and vendors, giving us the advantage where some other Milwaukee general contractors lack. When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about finding your own subcontractors – and you can count on only the best and most quality help to show up to every job!

Custom Bar Design Services

Whether it’s a new build or an old bar/restaurant renovation – our contractors are ready for the job! We have 25+ years of experience in custom building. Through the years we have learned how important design and planning is for every construction process no matter the size. We strive for the best results every time, which means it’s important to be detail orientated from the VERY beginning.

Custom Bar design for both new builds and bar remodels is our FAVORITE kind of commercial construction project! Bars and restaurants provide endless possibilities and open a million doors for creativity and uniqueness. We like having fun with it and making sure you will stand out among the rest when completed. We want your customers to walk in and raise their eyebrows in awe. Let us help you design or complete the design you’ve envisioned for your new custom bar or restaurant!

Contact Lechner Construction Services for your custom bar design and planning today.