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Lechner Construction Services provides professional customized CNC services to add a personalized finished touch to any space. From commercial to residential, we cover it all. Whether you need a new custom bar for your bar or restaurant or some custom work for your kitchen, bathroom or living room, we offer unique and creative CNC work. […]

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Lechner Construction Services is your local full-service general building contractor for bar and restaurant restoration or new builds as well as residential remodeling. We offer a range of services including remodeling and build-out/additions for both commercial buildings and residential homes, specializing in the bar and restaurant field. We have a passion for our work and will give 100% from start to finish. Beginning with creative design and planning, we will take all regulations and codes into account while getting a little out of the box and making a completely unique atmosphere. Throughout the entire project we will strive to keep you stress-free with a smooth sailing execution and quality completion.

Our Building Services Include (not limited to):

  • Bar and Restaurant Restoration/Remodeling/Building
  • CNC Services
  • Construction
  • Custom Woodworking
  • Creative Planning and Design
  • Residential Remodeling/Renovation

Restaurant Construction & Remodeling

If you’re building a new restaurant in SE Wisconsin, you want Lechner Construction Services in charge of the design and planning, construction, and all custom wood and metal work. Our commercial construction contractors will make sure you’re getting exactly what you want from day one. We ensure every inch of your project is as you expected, and promise 100% satisfaction with our work. Our history with restaurant and bar construction is extensive, and we have a long trail of customers delighted with what we built together.

We strive for excellence in every project we work. Expect nothing but the best at an affordable price. We service Waukesha County, Pewaukee and surrounding areas. Lechner Construction Services is very diverse and flexible in our work and would love the opportunity to make your vision a reality. Check out some of our previous work, read our reviews and ask us for referrals. We are proud of our work and proud to share.

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New Bar Design & Planning Waukesha WI

Detailed planning and meticulous design are very important when getting ready to build or remodel your new bar or restaurant. Not only is it important for the efficiency of your project, but also to be sure you have a clear goal and finish line in place. Lechner Construction Services is here to help. We can help you design a unique space completely, or we can work with a design you already have in mind and execute the best process to completion.

We LOVE getting creative, I mean we REALLY LOVE getting creative. Check out our bar and restaurant design portfolio and see for yourself. It’s a passion of ours. The more unique and awesome we can make a space the better! We strive for better creativity each day.

General Contractors That Plan Better, Do Better Work

There is no doubt about it. A general contractor that is GREAT at their job will value detailed planning and thorough designs. We are big on our design and planning because we want to make sure not a single detail is missed. Not only that, we know that good planning minimizes the chance of common mistakes being made to make your project run behind schedule or over budget. We have access to an exceptional network of subcontractors and vendors, giving us the advantage where some other Milwaukee general contractors lack. When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about finding your own subcontractors – and you can count on only the best and most quality help to show up to every job!

Custom Bar Design Services

Whether it’s a new build or an old bar/restaurant renovation – our contractors are ready for the job! We have 25+ years of experience in custom building. Through the years we have learned how important design and planning is for every construction process no matter the size. We strive for the best results every time, which means it’s important to be detail orientated from the VERY beginning.

Custom Bar design for both new builds and bar remodels is our FAVORITE kind of commercial construction project! Bars and restaurants provide endless possibilities and open a million doors for creativity and uniqueness. We like having fun with it and making sure you will stand out among the rest when completed. We want your customers to walk in and raise their eyebrows in awe. Let us help you design or complete the design you’ve envisioned for your new custom bar or restaurant!

Contact Lechner Construction Services for your custom bar design and planning today.

Pewaukee bar and restaurant design construction

New Bar Design and Construction – Old Bar Restoration Waukesha Wi

The bar and restaurant industry is a vast one. There is no lack of competition, and the best of the best always win the crowd. What is the first step to drawing that crowd? Visual appearance of your bar or restaurant – both inside and out.

Lechner Construction Services specializes in creative custom design and construction of new bars and restaurants. We help you create unique spaces and stand out atmospheres. We strive for the “Wow” reaction and utter awe when it comes to each project we design and build.

We also help transform old or current bars and restaurants. We can help you re-brand. We can help you modernize. We can help you with a partial or full make-over.

The more unique, the more “impossible” your vision seems – the more excited we get for the challenge.

You’ve read this quote on our Bar and Restaurants page – and we’re saying it again. We love a challenge. We love new level designs, extraordinary visions, big dreams. We love making the seemingly impossible – POSSIBLE.

Lechner Construction Services specializes in custom wood and metal work. That’s right, CUSTOM. Meaning we will design and construct wooden or metal pieces for your atmosphere customized to your new look and unique space. This includes both the interior and exterior. Ever drive past a place and are just drawn to the sign – and you think, that place looks cool, I wonder what that is, or I want to check that place out? We can make you become one of those places that sparks the same curiosity in others!Custom Bar Renovation Milwaukee

Lechner Construction Services will help you every step of the way – from designing, project management, construction, and everything in between until you have a complete, 100% satisfactory, AWESOME new place. Don’t believe us? Check out our custom construction project portfolio with some of our completed work! We don’t mean to brag too much, but we WOW ourselves even.

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Custom Home Renovation Services Waukesha

Lechner Construction Services provides residential remodeling and renovation services that undoubtedly excel in all aspects. Home renovations and remodeling projects should be fun, not stressful. The finished project should be customized to a T, and reflect the living space you desire. We specialize in bathroom remodeling, custom kitchens, basement remodeling and recreational areas or rooms. We bring a creative eye, inventive approach, and stress-free execution to the table at an affordable price.

Our Specialties:

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Our Waukesha remodeling contractors will help you customize your bathroom for both visual appeal and usability. We will make sure everything flows effectively as it will be visually stunning. We can help you choose modern and stylish materials and fixtures and really create a masterpiece. Everything from the floor to the ceiling will eb, flow, function and impress! Your plumbing system is also guaranteed to have expert installation up to code.

Custom Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen is the staple of a home. You cook, gather, eat and spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It should be functional, inviting, and have the true feeling of home. Lechner Construction Services can help you get the high functioning, stylish kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. We also offer custom woodworking services to really add a special touch of perfection to your new kitchen. Start imagining the possibilities, and we will start creating your new dream-like reality!

Basement Remodeling Services

Do you have an unfinished basement you’ve been dreaming up ideas for? Or maybe your basement is finished, but not functioning the way you want it to? Let us help you turn that dreary space into something inviting and useful! Entertain guests at your basement bar or entertainment room. Make a workout space that beats the environment of any gym. Add a guest bedroom and/or bathroom. Add more appealing storage space. Make yourself a home office you enjoy working in. Whatever you desire – we can help. We will get as creative as you’d like, and once again can also offer superior custom woodwork to put the cherry on the perfect basement remodel sundae.

Waukesha Home Remodeling Contractors

Our team of professional remodeling contractors are highly skilled, creative, efficient and bring true passion to every project. We aim to amaze. Every job will be done with extreme attention to detail, unmatched quality, and a uniqueness you will not find anywhere else.

Contact Lechner Construction Services for your next custom home remodeling project.
custom wooden sign

Affordable High-End Custom Woodwork

Custom woodwork can really make an atmosphere. Whether in your home or business, the right touch of woodwork can really bring out the character of your space. People may say “looks aren’t everything” – but when it comes to your custom woodwork, they are. Lechner Construction Services is proud to bring the most high-end woodworking skills to your residential or commercial property at the most affordable prices.

Custom Wooden Signs for Your Business

We specialize in custom wooden signs for commercial purposes. You want your business to stand out among the rest. When potential new customers are driving past, you want them to notice you. A sign is just a sign UNTIL you make it more. We will help you customize your business sign, bring extra detail, and give it that extra umph to really grab the attention of your new clientele.

You can also use a new custom wooden sign to remind your current customers WHY they choose you. When they see the detail and attention you put into the image of your business, they will know you don’t do anything “just good enough”. When they walk up to your business and thing “Wow” or walk in and see something that makes them say “Wow” … you’ve already jumpstarted your way to a positive experience sure to keep them returning.

Residential Custom Woodwork

Building a new home, or see an area in your existing home that could use a little spark? Custom Woodwork is the best way to add your own flare that you know will uphold long term. Custom woodwork never goes out of style.

No matter what room in your house you are thinking about transforming – Woodwork can only provide enhancement. The ideas of where to include custom woodwork in your home are unlimited, but here are a few options to get the ideas flowing for you:

Custom Wooden Bar for your Basement

Custom Wooden Bar Shelves

Custom Wooden Bedroom Furniture/Wardrobe Closet

Custom Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Wooden Mantle

Custom Wooden Bathroom Cabinetry

Contact Lechner Construction Services today to talk about your custom woodwork options. We will be happy to work with a design you have in mind, help you design something based on just a beginning idea, or anything in between.

Contact Lechner Construction Services for the Best Waukesha Custom Woodwork today.

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